Virtual businesses seem to be the norm these days thanks to the incredible amount of support you get from the internet. You can start, run and grow a business from the comfort of your home with a laptop and a virtual office if you really want to, and it’s a completely viable way to operate a business these days. With help from cloud-based software and virtual services, you no longer need to go through the long and complicated process of renting and renovating an office, and it also opens you up to recruiting employees from all over the world regardless of location.

However, one thing still remains challenging when you run a remote business; a physical address.

Every professional company has a physical address, and in some cases, several physical addresses that correspond to different branches. As a result, having an office or physical location for your business still has value and you want to consider it for the numerous benefits it offers. One option that people go for is using their home address as a business address. While this enables you to receive mail, it could be a security risk using a home address as a business one. It also doesn’t appear professional and might make your business look amateurish.

The solution is simple; consider using a virtual office address. This is an address in a prestigious location that can be used to redirect mail. For instance, you could make your business seem like it’s situated in a well-known business district. You also get access to virtual office features such as call answering. There are plenty of benefits to using a virtual office address, so here are five of the biggest advantages to help convince you.

1. Make your business appear more professional

One of the biggest reasons to use a virtual office is because it makes your businessappear more professional. Professionalism is very important because it makes your company stand out from the competition and it also attracts more customers and clients. It can also do wonders for your reputation.

A professional virtual office address can be used virtually anywhere; be it for online search purposes, on your contact details or on invoices, there are lots of areas to place your professional address. This gives it more exposure and enables you to list your virtual business among other professional corporations, greatly boosting your brand’s image.

2. Always have someone to answer calls

Virtual office services will typically have virtual receptionist services attached on to them. This means you’ll always have someone available to answer calls. This is perfect if you’re often out of the office or if you constantly work with clients and are unable to take phone calls. It’s also a great way to offer customer support to customers even if you’re not available. Your business will also be reachable no matter the time of day, making it a great way to serve customers in different time zones.

3. It’s a stopgap solution between a remote business and an office-based one

Many remote businesses prefer to stay remote for the majority of their time, but it’s also possible to grow your business into a fully-fledged corporation with offices in various locations. The direction you take your business will depend on what you personally want for your brand, but we highly suggest using virtual office services as a stopgap solution between running a remote business and an office-based one.

You’ll grow accustomed to having a virtual address and a virtual receptionist, and it comes at a fraction of the cost of having a commercial space and hiring a full-time receptionist. It allows you to gain the advantages of a professional address and a receptionist without needing to invest a lot of your capital.

4. Can help you save a lot of money running a remote business

A virtual office address comes with many additional services that can help you save money running a remote business. This includes avoiding the need to rent a commercial location to represent your business, and it also means having a virtual receptionist to answer calls, take messages and relay them back to you. These benefits can be expensive if you don’t use a virtual office address, so we highly recommend considering it if you’re a growing business that is looking for cost-effective ways to improve productivity.

5. Allows you to protect your home address

As mentioned before, a lot of people tend to use their home address to make it easier to send and receive items. However, using your home address can become a security risk, especially if you’re putting your address out there in the open on your website and social media. To solve this, you can use a virtual office to have a professional-looking address for a variety of purposes.

A couple of examples include receiving important documents such as invoices and legal papers, creating a permanent location for clients and customers to contact you, and also using your commercial address to register for open bank accounts or LLCs. All of these would be possible with your home address, but doing so will list your public address in many easily-accessible records. In short, using a virtual office address enables you to protect your real address from the public which can be important for multiple reasons.


Your business can gain a lot from using a virtual office address, so it’s vital that you consider using one in the near future. This will greatly help with business growth, it will give your company a professional appearance, and it will attract more customers in the long run. While it can seem like an expense you could avoid, it’s a perfect stopgap solution between a remote business and a fully-fledged company with its own office.

Although it’s possible to stay as a remote business for a long time. It’s recommended that you eventually settle in an office once you start reaching a wider audience. Using a virtual office is the perfect solution to bridge the gap and is highly recommended for businesses of all sizes.

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