About Us

Virtual Address Australia provides virtual offices to the Australian marketplace for small and medium sized businesses. The locations and facilities of our virtual offices have been carefully co-ordinated to offer an exceptional suite of virtual addresses. Our founders are passionate about helping business owners achieve their dreams by making effective use of cloud based business services.

Virtual Address also offers expert virtual receptionist services as part of our virtual service offerings. Research has shown that around 60% of Australian callers will simply hang up the phone if a real person doesn't answer their call. Virtual Address adds value for our customers by answering those missed calls and feeding back leads and enquiries. We work with a range of clients in a broad scope of industries across Australia, implementing cost effective cloud based solutions to solve the business challenges of today for a successful tomorrow.

Our Values

Virtual Address is a company committed to excellence in customer service and being honest and professional in all our business endeavours. We strive to remove the mundane and time-consuming aspects of running a business by providing affordable virtual services for organizations of all sizes.

Owner Profiles

Neil Duncan

Neil Duncan is a businessman with over 30 years of experience leading and managing both small and large enterprises in the USA, UK, Australia, South East Asia and New Zealand. Neil graduated with a Bachelor of Business degree in 1984 and then completed his MBA in 2005. Neil is passionate about the opportunities that are available by utilizing cloud technology to add value to existing companies and start-ups. When he's not analysing new software or solving business challenges Neil loves to spend time with his family and renovating their home.

Mike Davison

Michael B Davison is an accomplished entrepreneur who has devoted much of his recent business life to providing cost effective online solutions for business owners. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Business in 1984, Michael later worked in London as a financial controller for a major UK bank. He has been involved with the telephone answering industry since 2012 and is constantly investigating new and better technologies for making the small business person’s life easier. Michael firmly believes that the best way to grow your own business is to provide an exceptional cost effective service to other companies. Mike loves the game of Rugby League.

David Duncan

Dave is the IT guru for the business with a skillset that includes an exceptional grasp of commercial imperatives. He has a diploma in Network Development and Web Development and he has 14 years’ experience in SaaS and user application development. Dave has a great passion for Bonzai.

Industries that we serve

Virtual services can be a huge benefit to companies across a broad range of industries, this is a selection of the types of businesses and enterprises that we serve.

Barristers, Solicitors and Legal Professionals

Virtual Address provides the legal fraternity with virtual offices and expert virtual receptionists to answer their calls and greet clients, schedule appointments, and take messages. We remove the mundane tasks so they don’t get in the way.

Telecomms Industry

The Telecomms industry can be very pressured. We can relieve the pressure by taking the overflow calls. Our expert receptionists can also respond to enquiries utilising an FAQ that we can compile with you - relieving your key staff by answering the usual general queries.


With 7x24 hours availability, we offer our services to accountants around the clock - and a real person answering the phone ensures client retention. We are friendly and professional, providing you with the perfect solution for your business needs.

Media Agencies

We provide a reliable and cost-effective call answering service to minimise interruptions and delays when deadlines and new projects need absolute priority.

Government Authorities.

We are experts in providing the perfect tone of voice for all your government services. Virtual Address has been operating for many years, so you can trust our experienced virtual receptionists to take care of your needs with a friendly professional touch for service inquiries.

Retail Businesses.

Virtual Address Australia is a leading provider of retail business call answering services. Our team of professionals are on hand to provide accurate and timely information to your customers, with the ultimate aim to develop loyalty and increase revenue for your operations.

Advertising Companies.

We specialise in providing a prompt, professional and cost-effective phone answering service that will help relieve the pressure, especially during promotions and campaigns. We know how tough it can be to juggle priorities – use us when you need reliable support.

Technology Companies

We can offer real support by answering general queries on products or services, especially during peak times or system outages.

Tourism Companies.

With Virtual Address Australia, you have access to our team of experienced professionals who will answer all incoming calls from clients or potential ones. You'll never need to worry about staffing shortages again!

Marketing Professionals.

Don’t send your clients to voicemail. Take advantage of our expertise in managing customer calls and providing excellent customer service to your clients. Peak times and a sudden rush of inquiries is never an issue with your scalable virtual receptionist team.

eCommerce Companies.

Excellent customer service is crucial for succeeding in the online marketplace. A real person answering calls 24/7 across all time zones is the best formula for outstanding online sales.

The building Industry.

We ensure that your team will never miss an important phone call, and we can manage all of your incoming messages so you're always up to date with what's happening back at HQ. With Virtual Address Australia on hand, you can be assured that when it comes to customer care and communication, nothing falls through the cracks when you and your staff are out on site.

Real Estate.

When most of your staff are out of the office doing showings and meeting potential sales leads, we can support your real estate business making sure no call is ever missed.

Travel Industry.

We are here to support your travel agency with an answering service that will allow your customers to get through and speak to someone on the phone, especially when there is a sudden change in circumstances. Save the cost of an in-house receptionist and still provide your customers a real person to talk to for receiving messages and sharing travel updates. We can answer your calls 24/7 if that’s the tourism service you need to provide.

Property management.

We can offer a 24/7 local Australian phone answering service to take messages from tenants or advise viewing times for properties, as well as answering other enquiries. Our virtual receptionists are always on hand to assist with any issues that may arise at your properties and we can immediately transfer the calls if it's something more urgent like a lost key or a sudden water leakage.

IT Consultants.

We can live answer your calls, many of which could be urgent - and route them to the appropriate technician with a friendly tone of voice. Whether it is a network issue that needs escalating or a simple enquiry about your services, our experienced virtual receptionist team is the cost effective solution to call management

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