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Virtual Receptionist - How Does It Work?

A virtual receptionist is really quite easy to set up. Firstly, you sign up for our 7 day free trial and we allocate a unique telephone number to your account. Next you tell us what greeting you would like us to use when answering your incoming telephone calls. After that you tell us how you would like your messages delivered to you and then you simply divert your phone number to the number that we have provided and you are ready to go.

  • Totally flexible service, use as much or as little as you like.
  • Local Australian receptionists will be answering your calls.
  • Custom written and easy to use telephone answering software.
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Message Taking

This is probably the first thing that you think of when thinking about a telephone answering service. If you are unavailable to take a call you simply mark "Do not disturb" on your account and we will take a message for you. Easy!

Call Transfer To You

This is a great one for all of those telemarketing calls that you get during the day. Our receptionists can act as your gatekeeper and filter out some of those unwanted calls and forward the rest to you. It will give you back time.

Call Transfer To A Colleague

If you are expecting an important call but don't have the time to answer all of your incoming calls you can nominate to transfer calls to colleagues. Simply give us a list of colleagues and we will look for someone to transfer your call to.

Information Provided To Callers

Think of how many calls you receive where the caller simply just wants some bsic information about your company. Maybe they want to know the address or simply whether there is parking. Either way, we handle those simple calls without bothering you.

Local Receptionists

Many of our competitors provide cheap answering services by outsourcing all of their calls to cheap offshore call centres. We feel that this is a false economy and employ professional experienced local telephone answering professionals.

No Lock In Contracts

We don't believe in locking our customers in to long term contracts. You are free to cancel with just one months notice. We currently have thousands of customers all around Australia and they stay with us because they really value the services we provide.

NO minimum term
NO long term contracts

You Will Be In Good Company

We attract customers from a broad range of industries. Here are some of the main industries that we serve.

We Help Build Businesses

Our service works really well for lawyers and legal professionals. Given the nature of the legal industry lawyers can quite often find themselves in really quite intense meetings (or court) and are not in the position to answer their incoming telephone calls. We can answer those calls professionally and deal with them as we are instructed.

In the bustling universe of law practice, time is of the essence. Every second is a precious gem, especially for lawyers who often find themselves juggling various tasks such as court appearances, client meetings, and paperwork. An interruption such as an incoming call, though crucial, can disrupt their concentration. That's where a call answering service becomes a game-changer.

A call answering service operates like an efficient secretary, handling incoming calls and taking messages. Imagine a lawyer immersed in building a client's case, the rhythm of their work disturbed by the insistent ring of a phone call. With a call answering service, this disruption is curtailed. Instead of the lawyer, it's the service that takes the call, freeing up valuable time for the lawyer to focus on their work.

Moreover, a missed call in a law firm can equate to a lost client. Given the competitive nature of the legal world, lawyers cannot afford such losses. A call answering service steps in to fill this gap, ensuring that all calls are answered promptly and professionally, thereby enhancing client satisfaction and boosting the law firm's reputation.

Additionally, a call answering service can help sort and prioritize calls. Not all incoming calls require immediate attention. Some can be answered later, some are merely informational, and others may be urgent. A call answering service can help categorize these calls, ensuring that the lawyer's attention is directed to where it's needed most.

Furthermore, the service can help manage appointments, a task that can be both time-consuming and tricky, given a lawyer's often packed schedule.

In essence, a call answering service is a boon for lawyers, contributing to better time management, improved client relationships, and overall efficiency. While it may seem like a simple solution, the benefits it brings are substantial, reinforcing the old adage, "Time is money." Especially in law, where every tick of the clock matters, this service can indeed be a significant asset.

Accountants can have very seasonal work. During audit season they will quite regularly work excessive hours and are often out at a clients location. A virtual receptionist can deal with their calls when they are not available to do so. We can act as a gatekeeper and forward through the calls that they have identified as important.

In the intricate world of accounting, precision and attention to detail reign supreme. Every number and decimal must be in its rightful place, or the results could be catastrophic. But amidst the vast landscape of figures and calculations, accountants often find themselves grappling with an unwelcome distraction: the constant ringing of incoming calls. This is where a virtual receptionist service steps in, acting as an oasis in this numerical desert.

A virtual receptionist service works much like a traditional receptionist, only without the physical presence. They handle calls, take messages, and in some instances, even manage scheduling. One of the main benefits they offer an accounting practice is the ability to keep accountants focused on their primary work. When a call comes in, it's the virtual receptionist who gets a call alert, allowing the accountant to continue their calculations undisturbed.

The benefits of this service extend beyond merely answering calls. For instance, the call features offered by a virtual receptionist service can help an accounting practice streamline its operations. Calls can be categorized based on their urgency, client importance, or nature of inquiry. This allows accountants to prioritize their call-backs, addressing the most pressing matters first.

In addition, a virtual receptionist can ensure that no call goes unanswered. In the world of accounting, missing a call could mean losing a client, a risk that few accounting practices can afford to take. A virtual receptionist service ensures that every call is received and addressed, ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction.

Virtual Can Help With A Variety Of Services

Aside from handling calls, a virtual receptionist can also aid with administrative tasks. Scheduling appointments, managing calendars, and even order taking can all fall within the scope of services provided by a virtual receptionist. This lightens the administrative load on the accountants, allowing them to devote more time and energy to their primary role.

Virtual Reception Makes Good Business Sense

In essence, a virtual reception acts as a support system for an accounting practice. It handles the peripheral tasks, allowing accountants to focus on what they do best: managing and interpreting complex financial data. And in a world where customer service is becoming increasingly vital, a virtual receptionist can help an accounting practice deliver top-notch services without sacrificing their core responsibilities.

Moreover, the ability to filter and categorize calls means that accountants can respond to their clients more efficiently. This improved response time can enhance the practice's reputation, leading to greater client retention and acquisition.

A virtual receptionist service can bring significant benefits to an accounting practice. From managing calls to assisting with administration, the services they offer can help streamline operations, improve customer service, and enhance efficiency. Whether it's the constant call alert that's now taken care of, or the better management of call features, it's clear that a virtual receptionist can make the numerical desert of accounting a little less daunting.

Why A Small Business Needs An Answering Service

Small business owners never have enough time in the day. Our professional telephone answering service gives them back the time that they need to focus on the more strategic aspects of their business.

A Receptionist Can Make The Difference

In the cut-throat world of business, it's survival of the fittest. Small businesses, in particular, face an uphill climb, with resources stretched thin and every missed call representing a potential lost opportunity. But there's an innovative solution that has caught the eye of many a savvy entrepreneur: virtual receptionist services.

These Australian-based services have been designed to help small businesses streamline their operations. Just like a receptionist in a high-rise office, a virtual receptionist manages the business's inbound services, only without the physical presence. The effect is as impressive as it is simple.

Running a business is a constant juggling act. From managing employees to handling finances, each facet demands time and attention. Consequently, tasks like answering phone calls often fall by the wayside. However, neglecting such seemingly small tasks could lead to potential customers slipping away.

Don't Miss A Call - Your Business Depends On Leads

That's where a virtual receptionist steps in. The virtual receptionist, accessible through an inbound number, is ready to handle phone answering duties. Always professional, always efficient, they manage customer interactions, freeing up valuable time for the business owner to focus on core operations.

The benefits of such a service to a small business are manifold. For starters, no business, small or large, can afford to lose customers due to missed calls. Virtual receptionists ensure that every call is answered, every potential customer attended to.

Moreover, the very nature of this Australian based service lends an air of professionalism and efficiency to the business, contributing positively to the business's image. It demonstrates a commitment to customer service, which can be a game-changer in the competitive world of business.

Calls Answered Promptly And Efficiently

A virtual reception can give a small business the edge it needs to thrive. It bridges the gap between limited resources and customer expectations, providing a vital link in the chain of customer service. While the business landscape may be a battlefield, innovations like virtual receptionist services are ensuring that even the smallest players can hold their own.

"Getting a Virtual Reception is one of the best decisions I made early on was to get an answering service" - Hannah from French Knot.


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