The World Is Changing for Business and Addresses

You may think that we are living in a time of great technological change, but you’re very wrong. Your grandparents lived through much greater transformation. Imagine living during the constant tech revolution years of electricity, air-conditioning, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, airplanes, helicopters, rockets, wireless, radios, telephones, television - all in one lifetime.

We should really ask – why has change slowed down so much? One change that has taken place that is not dramatic but just a gradual development is the idea of a Virtual Address. It used to be new, but now a Virtual Address or a Virtual office is a normal aspect of business life.

What is a Virtual Address? Is it just a mailbox?

A Virtual Address is a real address at a real location. Its only called Virtual because it’s not the address where the business is always physically taking place. A virtual office can be much more than a mailbox, it can include meeting rooms, day offices, conference facilities as well as providing you with the benefits of a first class address for your company.

If you’re a tradesman out on calls most of the working day, your office is the road. But you need a credible address to register your business. Or perhaps you are a consultant working from home in your physical office but you want to keep your privacy, you don’t want all your customers to know where you live and maybe you’d also like to enhance your profile to the market. So you choose a prestige CBD Virtual Address – a real address at a real location, it’s just not where you are usually in attendance.

It’s a convenience. A flexible alternative, an official location for mail and courier deliveries (some even have a physical mailbox), an address to leverage call answering services, a premium address, often with the option to conference with clients in world class meeting rooms or a day office to work in and enhance your professional image.

What’s the difference between a Virtual Address and a Virtual Office?

A Virtual Address and a Virtual Office are much the same thing, really just interchangeable terms. A Virtual Office may offer access to more dedicated amenities such as meeting rooms, private offices, client meeting facilities, co-working spaces, in-house food and beverage options for those times when you physically need to utilize a cost-effective office space for your business. Some people just simply want a Virtual Address and will never want to visit the actual address – except perhaps to pick up their mail, (but even then they could choose mail forwarding) – but Virtual Address sites, aside from the business address, also provide mail and call answering services. And the location of your virtual office doesn’t need to be in a city CBD – although most of them are. You can also choose a suburban hub if it suits your market better. What is a Virtual Office? A Virtual Office is a Virtual Address with additional benefits.

What are the benefits of a Virtual Address? Why have a digital mailbox for your company?

Well, you may work from home – and more and more people are working from home - but you also want your privacy. So you reduce your personal visibility and increase your security by using a Virtual Address. Or you need to register your business at a location, you need a legal and official business address, so you set up a Virtual Address and take advantage of mail handling facilities and use the service for phone answering to route and screen your calls via an Australian-based Virtual Receptionist. Maybe you want to present an image to prospective customers, but you don’t want to travel into town each day - but you will pay for a prestigious CBD Virtual Office address on your business cards.

Other benefits include just simple cost-effective solutions, why pay for head office space when you hardly use it? Why pay the salary of a full-time receptionist when you can access first class call answering by a local Virtual Receptionist without the cost? Maybe you want a Virtual Address to ensure private and secure deliveries – defeat porch pirates by having parcels delivered to a Virtual Address.

But probably the main reason for a Virtual Office is that there are multiple benefits. It’s a versatile model. You only pay for what you use. You can scale up and utilise the many support services, including hi-tech meeting rooms, stylish breakout spaces and rooms plus adaptable co-working spaces. Alternatively, your company might just scale back and have an address and arrange mail forwarding.

And you stay adaptable, you pay by the month, you aren’t at the mercy of long lease agreements and pesky utility providers. With a virtual address you stay flexible, and we all must be business agile in a world with challenges such as Covid19.

Are there Virtual Address’s all over the world?

Yes. Most countries support the Virtual Address / Virtual office option. It’s an idea that really meets a need. Especially for companies expanding into new markets, a Virtual Office offers an immediate presence in a prime location with the opportunity to access to all the support for mail management, call management, conferencing and polished client hospitality that a dynamic business needs.

It’s a normal fact of business life across the planet, but every company may have a different reason for utilizing a Virtual office. It might be that business growth in a new market has become so strong that your company decides to move your HQ to the new profit centre but you still want to keep a profile back in the old foundation market – so take advantage of the Virtual Office solution. A Virtual Address can be arranged from Chennai to Cape town, from Ho Chi Minh City to Houston. It’s a natural regular choice embraced by business people almost everywhere in the world.

Are Virtual Offices the way the future will be when you want a business address?

Covid19 wrought a giant wave of change to societies and economies across the world. New SOPs for social distancing have drastically impacted the feasibility of previous business models from hospitality to retail and more. The usual office space environment may never return, as WFH becomes an increasingly favoured preference. It’s not hard to imagine most companies reducing their office space footprint.

It’s easy to envisage firms using Virtual Offices to save costs but also regularly using familiar meeting rooms and conference spaces to train new staff and network and build team morale.

We’ve all now been faced with the grave limitations of the previous global models of workplace offices and business structure. No company in the future can afford to ignore the lessons learnt. A versatility, a flexible approach to staff management and operations and business branding is the new normal. Virtual offices are an integral offering in this global reality. Join the like-minded who access world class facilities in a premium virtual office.

Add an answering service and you have a virtual business

An answering service gives you the benefit of having your incoming telephone calls answered by a live receptionist. The receptionist can answer calls and take messages while you can use the address on your marketing materials. When you go virtual you can have a premium business at a reasonable price. Why go with a regular office when you can get the address of an A grade office for a much lower cost. Your company will look the part but not be spending anywhere near as much money.

What do I need to do? How do I set up a Virtual Office Address? Is it complicated?

  • Just contact us. Tell us what you need for your company. Tell us what you want for your business.
  • We can set you up with a location for your mail, a business address, a mailing address. You don't need to worry about coping with your mail - we take care of mail handling and mail forwarding for your company.
  • For a fee we can provide you with a local telephone number. Calls for your company can be routed through our call answering services, we have a variety of packages suitable for all sizes of business and can take care of all of your phone answering needs - just tell us what you want. 24-hour live phone answering? Live telephone answering only during work hours? Call recording and SMS? Do you have a special greeting for callers? And rest assured - all our Virtual Receptionists are Australian-based, so you know they understand local voice.
  • Require access to a private office, meeting rooms, co-working space? Want to network with like-minded business people in a Virtual office business centre? Your business will be in good company.
  • Setting up a Virtual Office is simple but the benefits you will realise from a premium Virtual Office are immediate and compelling.

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