Flexibility is key to business growth

Nowadays, many businesses are choosing to run out of virtual offices, with a virtual “address”. This has been a growing trend, particularly for start-ups and small businesses due to its many advantages. Opting for a virtual address in place of a physical office space gives your business the flexibility to grow in several ways.

What is a virtual address?

With a virtual office, you can work from anywhere. Your team can work remotely and with technological advances like cloud computing and video conferencing platforms facilitating the sharing of information, it’s almost no different from communicating face-to-face.

A virtual address gives you an extra advantage. While you and your team can work from anywhere, a virtual address in a real location can give your business an edge. You can register your company at a prime business district address, and use this for all your mail correspondence and marketing purposes.

How does it work?

Register your company with a centrally located, real physical address. You won’t need to pay nearly as much as the rent for the building, but it’ll give your business a physical presence. You can use this address for all your correspondence, and contact information. Most virtual addresses also include the option to host meetings and conferences at the same location.

Your business will in effect be registered at a prime location while you work remotely from your virtual office. Most virtual addresses only cost a two-figure sum per month, so you can save hundreds on rent. You can even add it to your Google Maps and My Business listings. You’ll be able to make a big impression on clients for only a small fee.

What are the benefits of a virtual address?

There are plenty of businesses to using a virtual address while working from a virtual office. The main advantage is flexibility. You’ll be giving your staff the freedom to work from home and saving money on overheads to spend on expanding your business. A virtual address in many ways gives your small business the flexibility it needs to grow.

A virtual address creates a positive impression

Having a physical address, especially in a first-class neighbourhood, allows you to look the part to your clients without compromising on cost. A virtual address makes your business appear more credible and legitimate.

Your virtual office address can go on all your marketing material, including business cards. You can even choose the zone most populated by companies of your particular field, if there’s a “tech” area in your city for instance. Taking into account local SEO, it’ll be much more beneficial for you to market your business with a virtual address. The virtual address will be associated with your company and this will help you to generate business.

Once you draw in the business using your virtual address, your company will have the flexibility to grow and take over the location. With a virtual address you can even host conferences at the same place thus making an even better impression as well.

Allows your business to expand

A virtual office gives your business the freedom it needs to expand without the need for more space. It provides you with a low-cost stress-free alternative to the standard woes of trying to scale a small business on a small economy.

It’s even possible to purchase a virtual address at another location. You’ll be able to work out of multiple offices for only a tiny percentage of the price. Without the physical constraints of relocating, growing your small business will be much easier.

Freedom to hire more staff

The same goes for staff. Without restrictions related to distance and space, you can be more flexible about who you hire. It won’t be necessary to only opt for local talent due to convenience. You’ll be able to expand your workforce more easily remotely as well.

Enables you to work remotely

Working remotely is becoming the norm and let’s face it, it’s easy to see why. With the amount you’ll save on overheads, and high-tech systems in place, there’s really no need for a physical office. More and more companies have their employees working from home these days.

With the flexibility to work remotely, you can then focus on growing your company. Your materials and workforce can all be sourced remotely. You can reach out to your client base remotely. The possibilities really are endless.

Increases employee satisfaction

With your virtual address bringing in business and your company finally starting to grow, you can now focus on important managerial issues like employee satisfaction. Take the time to get feedback from your staff and adhere to their needs personally.

The great thing about having the option to work remotely, is that you can even let your employees organize their own schedules. You’ll be saving time on commuting so you can spend more focusing on doing a better job. A virtual office gives you the option to offer your staff more flexibility, which they will greatly appreciate. A satisfied employee is a more motivated employee.

24/7 business support - with no long term commitment

Virtual office packages can offer other kinds of business support to go with your virtual address, like a virtual receptionist for example. You can opt for telephone answering services with 24/7 availability, which is great for both you and your clients.

Several of the more prestigious virtual offices have meeting rooms included along with board rooms and catering services. Take the opportunity to showcase all of your marketing materials in the same location as your virtual address.

A virtual address gives your small business the flexibility to grow. They’re a cost-effective solution to help you create the image for your company and achieve all your business goals. A virtual office is a great asset to any start-up and facilitates faster and more efficient business growth. A virtual office saves you time and money and increases employee satisfaction. Choose from a range of prime locations and reap the benefits of a virtual address today.

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