So you need a mailbox rental near you? At virtualaddress we can set you up fast.

We have locations all across Australia - in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Devonport. In Sydney we have 12 locations. In Melbourne you have 13 places to receive your mail. Just click on our locations list.

Rent Post Box

You can rent a mailbox address at a prestigious city CBD office tower or take a suburban site if that’s what you require. All we need is to verify identity documentation and you’ll be ready to rent a post box and receive your mail within 24 hrs.

People ask how “How can I find a mailbox rental near me” - but maybe the question should be “How can I find a mailbox rental near me that I can trust? One that is well respected. A place that really offers value and servicing”. This is the virtualaddress difference.

You realise you need a Mailbox Rental but do you know all the Benefits?

You get reliability. You know someone will be at the address to receive packages. You get security. You have your mail delivered to a secure office, not a letterbox in the street. You keep your privacy. Customers and clients won’t know where you live. You have chosen flexibility. You can move house or go on extended holidays and know your mail is being safely collected.

The Virtualaddress Difference

Just forget wasting time checking if you have received mail. At virtualaddress we will notify you for free by text or SMS whenever you have mail. If you need your mail forwarded, that’s so easy for a small mail handling fee and if it is crucial to have 24/7 access to your virtual address, just choose one of our locations that offers that.

Another really important point to think about is permanence. You want your mailbox rental to always be there. You can change your business strategies or the place you reside but your mailing address must be rock solid, stable. We have locations that are carefully chosen. Buildings that are locally respected and well maintained. We offer a premium address – whether in the suburbs or in the heart of the city. In times of change when a business needs to respond with flexible strategies, there is also a real requirement for certainties. A a mailing address with virtualaddress is an address you can rely on.

Not just a Mailing Address. Build a Business Image that Boosts your Brand

Every business needs to think about image. Especially when you are starting out, developing a credible image is fundamental to success.

What will you do to develop trust with your clients? What impression will you present?

Postal Box Rental

One of the simplest ways to show professionalism is by ensuring that your business address is credible and authentic. You won’t be respected if your enterprise is represented by a post office box address. You won’t achieve the market presence you want if your customers use Google Maps and realise your small business is based at some local home address or an obscure shopfront.

The best cost-effective solution is a virtual address. When you need a mailbox rental solution, solve your problems with a virtual address. You instantly establish a respected business address for your business cards, your website and your email signature. You get secure mail handling and forwarding services. You also have the opportunity to access all the other virtual services such as our Australian-based virtual receptionist team and meeting rooms and private office suites and more.

  • Want to keep your home life and your business world separate?
  • Need to register a business address with ASIC?
  • Need to receive your business mail at a convenient location that is easy to get to and close to all the transport hubs?
  • Want a flexible arrangement for your communications that doesn’t tie you down?
  • Have a regular need to meet staff or clients in a modern business setting that enhances your profile?

All Solved. Just contact the team at Virtual Address.

A Virtual Address – The mail solution on every continent.

A virtual address is an accepted mail solution across the world. It’s a reliable and certified approach to the world-wide problem of how to present an image to your customers without all the utility and office costs.

But a VA solves more than just “Where can I rent a mailbox near me?” It gives you a secure mailbox that even messages you when you have mail. No matter where you travel, you never have to worry about your mail not being received or lost or damaged. You’ll never have to deal with the embarrassment of losing important mail from a home address. You won’t have to even consider the demeaning look of an office box on a business card. But its not just all that. A VA is more. It’s also a prestigious PHYSICAL address at a real respected REPUTABLE location.

When you contact us and set up your virtual address you are doing what millions of business people have done. From Oslo to Kuala Lumpur, from Sao Paolo to Johannesburg, from Melbourne to Chennai – there are Virtual Addresses all across the world. It’s a business model that has gradually spread across the world in concert with the changes in technology. It’s a way to manage communications and availability in a 24/7 world.

You always only pay for what you need.

You only pay for what you need. You add on services like receptionists to free your time up and manage calls. You add on a virtual assistant to book your diary and market your services to callers. You use conference facilities to run training sessions for remote staff. You book meeting rooms to catch up with clients because your virtual address is at a central location, close to good dining options and cool bars to relax in. You decide to cut back all your services and just use your virtual address for the mailbox rental. Your business strategies change and you leverage all the services once again. You choose. Use only what you need. Pay only for what you use.

Join the change. Choose the versatile way to manage your business life. Virtualaddress. Contact our friendly team.

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