Business Receptionist Services Australia

In the last few years business has become extremely competitive and you need to look for any opportunity where you think that you might be able to get a competitive edge on the opposition. Signing your business up for a phone answering service with is a really great way for your business to gain that competitive advantage over your competition.

You need increased efficiency plus lower costs


Having a call answering service for your business can make exceptionally good sense from not only a financial point of view but also from a business point of view. Not only will it be a really cost effective approach to handling those incoming phone calls but it can also give you and your staff back a huge amount of time for you to focus on strategy and really trying to grow your company.

How often during the average day do you get marketing phone calls or phone calls that are simply wanting your email address, fax number or your street address. You could be stuck in the middle of a really difficult task when you need to drop everything just to focus on that incoming call.

When you have a great answering service that you can forward a lot of those time wasting calls to you will have a significant amount of time to focus on strategic tasks. Our trained professional telephonists can sort out the time wasting calls and the irrelevant phone calls and divert the important calls across to you or your team to action.

Why you should make use of our service


We strongly believe that making use of our services will give your business a real competitive edge. Here are some reasons why you should think about getting a virtual receptionist.

  • The internet has changed forever the way that we do business. Cloud technology has opened up a whole range of possibilities like virtual receptionists who can really add value to your business.
  • We don't offshore our receptionist team. The telephonists who will be answering your incoming calls during business hours will be based in Australia. Outside of business hours we may transfer calls to one of our other international call centres.
  • Our service is really cost effective. When you compare the cost of having a virtual receptionist with having your own in-house staff you can save as much as 40%. Many of our customers spend between just $80 & $100 per mth.
  • We give our customers the freedom to work from wherever they want. You don't need to be tied to your office answering those incoming calls. Why not take the time to go and have some lunch with your friends or family. With an answering service you can be confident that your calls will always be in good hands.

  • Setting up our service really only takes minutes. Our professional receptionists could be answering your calls before you know it. We have developed our systems to be genuinely intuitive for you to operate and given that they are online you are able to log-in and change your settings at any time.
  • When our professional team answer your phone calls the greeting that your customers receive will be a personalised greeting that we have previously agreed with you. This greeting is unique and you have the ability to change that greeting at any time that you like.

We all need to be constantly looking for ways that we can get a competitive edge over our competitors. Getting your business a telephone answering service is a great opportunity for you to secure a competitive edge for your company.

How will I receive my messages?


Your virtual receptionists will forward your message to you via SMS (for a small fee) or email. Given that the majority of business people these days are using smart phones we find that most clients get their messages delivered via email.


Will I need to divert all of my phone calls?

Not at all. It is all totally flexible. If you are going through a busy period then you may decide to divert everything to us. If things are a little bit slow then you may decide to answer most of your calls yourself. You are totally in the drivers seat and can change things whenever you want.


How will I get the calls to you?

All you need to do is divert your existing telephone number to the number that we have provided for your account. This number is a unique number and is the number that we will be answering on behalf of your company. Some customers divert their number straight away while others wait for a specific number of rings.


Am I locked in to a contract?

You can cancel at any time by simply giving a months notice. We currently answer incoming telephone calls for more than 4,500 businesses in Australia. Many of these businesses have been with us for several years. The reason that they stay with us is that we deliver incredible value to their business, not because they are locked in to a contract.

Why not go completely virtual with a virtual office plus a virtual receptionist. It makes really good business sense and could save you lots of cash.

NO minimum term
NO long term contracts