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Virtual office rentals are becoming so popular because it just makes great common sense. If the main reason you need an office address is just to register your business with ASIC, then why waste your precious business cash on an office lease? And if you make sure to subscribe to a virtual office space in a really respected location like a CBD, then you’ll have your business address for ASIC and you will project an impressive professional image for your clients. Two for the price of one?

Rent Virtual Office

The secret to rent virtual office is also just simply, use your common sense. Make your choice conditional on the factors that matter most to you. To get you thinking, these are some of the key attributes to check.

Virtual Office Rental

Services. Let’s think about the Services of your virtual office rental.

If you are looking for a virtual office to rent just for a mailing address, then the very basic service you want is to be able to easily access the virtual office after you’ve been notified about a delivery and pick up your mail. So maybe a 24/7 access would be one of the most important service requirements. If you know that you can’t always physically come and pick up your mail than it’s worth checking if the virtual office space provider will notify and scan and email your mail to you.

Open, scan and email is a really helpful service, especially if you travel a lot. Naturally it costs a bit more – but you just have to set your budget price for the convenience. The other important services and facilities that should be considered are whether the virtual office location also offers meeting rooms, co-working facilities and private office suites.

Virtual Office Spaces

Meeting and conferencing services or virtual office spaces are an extremely smart approach to the whole business office space conundrum because they replicate the features of an office space lease – without the crushing price burden. And in most cases a virtual office with meeting rooms will provide a vastly improved vision of a meeting space than a dreary fixed office lease of your own. Think state of the art tech for audio-visual, think stylishly appointed fully furnished board rooms and meeting rooms, imagine visiting your virtual office rental and using the co-working space with it’s high speed internet and complimentary refreshments. And everything is on the basis of pay for what you use when you use it. You have to love the simplicity.

Location. Where you search for a virtual office to rent should only be based on the top priority.

There are a number of priorities than can influence where you choose to rent a virtual office address. For some businesses, it’s all about the impression. For example, high profile legal consultants and financial advisors will usually require a prestigious address situated in the hub of their own industry in a city CBD. They want to be located where their clients expect them to be. Such prestige CBD business addresses are guaranteed to also offer a full suite of facilities, from access to using private offices to meeting rooms and nearby fine dining options.

In professions where a great commercial image is a crucial necessity, location is often the main reason for choosing certain virtual office spaces. But it’s not just presenting a highly respected image to clients that can determine the location, convenience also matters. If you intend to pick up mail and packages from your virtual office rental yourself – then it needs to be located in an area handy to your home.

Many virtual office rental subscribers simply choose a respectable virtual office address that is close to their home, so they can work from home and only travel a small distance to access their business mail and packages. Travel implications will also matter if a business owner wants to meet with WFH staff or clients at the virtual office – the location should be central and easily accessed my multiple modes of transport.

Virtual Business Addresses

Price. Virtual office rental in an imposing CBD office building in Australia will cost less than $1,000 per year. That’s a very small price to pay for a superb business address such as Collins Square in Melbourne or Eagle Street in Brisbane or Angel Place in Sydney.. The price differential between a virtual office space with meeting facilities and virtual office rentals with just a mailing address is not really a factor worth consideration. It’s always best to load up on all the options – you may not need to use those stylish meeting rooms more than twice every year – and when you do you’ll only pay for the time you have used – but at least who have provided your business the option.

Reliability. When we talk about reliability that also encompasses reputation. Is the virtual office space provider a highly reputable business that enforces a rigorous identity verification process? Does the provider have a long history of offering virtual offices for rent or did they only start their business last week? This reputation vetting is absolutely crucial. The very worst scenario is signing up with a virtual office provider and subscribing to a prestige business address for mail and packages and then shortly after being notified that the address is closing. Don’t risk that scenario.

Always use a well-respected virtual office services company like You also want to really verify the quality, cleanliness and efficiency of the meeting and conferencing facilities if that is the primary reason you have chosen a certain location. Using a respected provider like means you don’t need to stress about reliability and integrity.

Why settle for just the one virtual office address! Why not have a virtual address in Melbourne plus a virtual address in Brisbane and take your business national!

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