Finding the BEST Virtual Office Deal for Your Small Business

As the economy is battered by interest rates and world events, concern about costs are at the forefront of every business owner’s mind. So how do we grow and prosper in these challenging times? Smart thinking is the answer. Staying in the same lane and sticking to the conventions of the past isn’t a solution. Succeeding and not just surviving means being sharp and astute. Your business needs to benefit from technology, you can’t just hope for better days – you have to seize the opportunities. It’s important to grasp the advantages of utilising virtual business services like a virtual office or a virtual receptionist. New solutions using new thinking like virtual office rental addresses can keep your costs down and free-up cash for developing your company.

So this is what you get when you subscribe to a virtual office address:

  • You get a business address that you can use to register with ASIC.
  • You secure a respected business address that will really boost the image of your business.
  • You have a great address but you aren’t locked into long term contracts.
  • You have an address where you want to be – without the worrying burden of meeting those monthly office lease payments
  • If you’re managing your business from home you’ve protected the privacy of you and your family. But before you sign up for renting a Virtual Office Address it’s best to work through a checklist of what you want from your virtual office rental. Once you know your requirements its just a matter of vetting the providers. Here’s a checklist to help you.
  • Virtual Office with Mail Forwarding: When searching for a virtual office, it's crucial to consider services like mail forwarding. A virtual office with professional mail forwarding services is invaluable. Look for providers that will message you by email and let you know whenever there are deliveries. Also look for providers that offer to open, scan and email your correspondence – for a fair fee. You could be on the other side of the world when you receive notification of an important letter and it will be so convenient just to ask for it to be opened, scanned and emailed to you. But unfortunately some virtual office addresses will expect you to come and pick up your mail yourself – so always check if their virtual office service includes this kind of mail forwarding.
  • Virtual Office Address for Business Registration: Many business entrepreneurs simply want a virtual business address so they can register with ASIC but before you choose a virtual business service provider just on this criteria alone – stop and have a think. Is this a virtual address that will present a good image to your customers. Will you maybe need other services from this location in the future like mail services or meeting room space? Is it enough just to get an average suburban business address for business registration or should you give yourself some options for the future?
  • Virtual Office with Meeting Rooms: Virtual Office rentals with meeting rooms turbo-charge your virtual office address by providing all the functionality of your own office space without the cost. This is a great advantage of virtual business addresses that you should really experience. Imagine meeting clients at your high floor virtual address with great city views and offering them refreshments in a stylishly appointed boardroom, then taking them to lunch nearby because your virtual office is so centrally located in the CBD. No need to worry about not having office space – you have all the office space you need – just book it when you need it.
  • Virtual Office for Remote Teams: If you’re managing your business remotely and your teams are local and interstate or international it makes sense to look for a virtual office rental with great fully furnished conferencing facilities and the latest audio-visual tech for Zoom or Teams calls. It’s also useful to secure a site that provides printing, labelling and admin services at your virtual address location. And if you are inviting your local or interstate staff to come and catch-up at your virtual office location it makes sense to choose a stylish environment that they’ll love to come from afar to visit.
  • Virtual Office with Facilities: Its always best to rent a virtual office address at an office building location that has lots of services instead of none. You can’t predict how quickly your business may grow or what your needs may be in 6 months’ time – so why not give your business capabilities for the future? From meeting rooms and private office suites to spacious co-working areas and kitchen facilities, we have so many locations that provide a productive ambience you’ll be pleased to utilise.
  • Virtual Office Rental Near Me: It makes good sense to find the right Virtual Office space that’s not far from your home office base. You can easily pick up your mail and business packages if you have a virtual office nearby – and just check that they offer on-site parking. It is so convenient. Protect your privacy and access business amenities when you need them – simply pay for what you need it, when you need it. This is the perfect solution for online businesses that want to present a respectable image to their customers.

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