Benefit From Going Virtual

There are many advantages to subscribing to a virtual address, and when they are all added together, the strategic value is incredible.

Here are some of the many benefits:

Be Where You Want to be with a Virtual Address

Imagine having a business address at a chic modern office building in Sydney’s most exclusive seaside suburbs. Think about the image that presents to your high income customers residing in the surrounding harbourside localities.

Picture your company business card with a business address at one of the most renowned office towers on Melbourne’s Collin’s Street. Consider the positive effect that respected location will have on prospective clients.

A virtual address allows you to establish your business address where you want to be. The old conventional model forced you to lease physical office space and commute to sit in the office each day. Madness. The old model was especially hard for start-ups and small businesses because they didn’t have piles of cash to pour down the funnel of an office lease at a prime location. Now, thankfully, virtual addresses are here, to get you the market presence you want. You can be where your customers expect you to be - without burdening your ambitions with that looming dark cloud of expensive monthly rent.

Half of business success is all about image. The second half is delivering on your promises. A respected virtual business address gives you the image, now it’s all up to you.

Save Money with a Virtual Address

Leasing and setting up a physical office space means really serious money and that’s a hard choice when you also want to spend the finite cash on recruiting quality staff and developing your product.

It’s also a hard choice to have to settle on an office lease at a location you don’t love, simply because that’s all you can afford. It makes it tough to then fork out for all the significant expenses like the monthly rent, utilities, maintenance, and furnishings. A virtual address saves you all that money spent on the office reception and pot plants and carpeting and cleaners and all the other little niggling costs you’d have to cover.

Now you’ve chosen a different path. You can invest your cash on things that will make a real difference to your company, like great talent. Work from home. Employ a remote workforce. Save your money. And who wants to commute back and forth to the same office each and every day just to get the value from a couple of desks and some swivel chairs?

A Great Virtual Address Makes a Good Impression

Locating your business address in the location you want will make you happy, because the power of presence will work for your image immediately. In the business world, first impressions matter immensely. It’s a lot harder trying to run a business from a crumby neighbourhood and slowly building up a trusting clientele from word of mouth.

A virtual address enables you to present your business as a reputable and established player in the marketplace – even though you may have only launched your business last week. Now you can leverage this reputable address on your business cards, website, and marketing materials, and voila - you’ve established a business image, without having to commute anywhere.

If you’ve been smart, you’ve chosen a virtual address in a business hub with lots of networking opportunities and lots of well-credentialled locals, and hopefully their success will help yours. What is it they say about a rising tide raising all boats?

To a certain extent it’s not so important to have a respected business address if all your sales are from overseas. Clients in Kuala Lumpur or Birmingham won’t be too fussed where your Australian business address is – all they’ll care about is the initial marketing impression and the quality of your services. But. If an overseas clients comes to visit your business in Australia, they won’t be impressed if the address they’ve seen on your marketing turns out to be a dump in a run-down charmless suburb. Play it safe with impressions.

Protect Your Privacy with a Virtual Address

Managing a business from home, especially an online business, offers incredible flexibility and huge savings compared to the conventional model. But managing your business from home can compromise your personal privacy and the safety of your family, especially if you register your home address as your place of business with ASIC.

This ASIC register is freely available to the public, so it is important to be wise and always protect your privacy with a different business address. Never give out your home address to your customers.

This is where a virtual address really saves the day.

ASIC won’t accept a P.O. Box, but because a virtual address is actually at a physical office building- then it’s fine and perfectly legal to use as the address of your business. So for a very small expense, you’ve protected the privacy of you and your family. That’s a huge benefit.

And we also ensure that any customers wanting to subscribe to a virtual address must complete our identification verification protocols. So you’ll always know you’re in good company at our virtual addresses.

This layer of separation between your professional and personal life is just good business practice. You can keep your home address confidential while still offering a respected legitimate contact point for your customers. Choose the protection of a virtual address.

Commute Remotely with a Virtual Business Address

The traditional 9-to-5 office model is evolving, that’s a given. Many business owners are embracing remote work and flexible schedules just as much as their employees. Although some companies are locked into expensive long-term office leases and they’re trying to force employees to revert to commuting to the office, it’s not working out too well. Ordering people who’ve already thoroughly experienced the WFH model to commute back to an office every day is a risky decision and it’s forcing real talent to leave. Good luck with that.

Too many people can now see the time they’ve wasted in their working lives commuting back and forth every day just to sit at a desk and use a computer that performs the same as the one they have at home. Yes, that’s right. The old 9am to 5pm office model is evolving.

We are in a period of change generated by the need for alternatives. Technology has globally connected the world in real time. Now there are at least three models of work for many employees.

WFH all the time. WFH sometimes. WFH Never. Take your pick.

A virtual address rental seamlessly aligns with this modern work culture. A virtual business address allows you to operate your business from anywhere, you could be sipping a complimentary green tea and working from your virtual office co-working space or working from home and joining a late night ZOOM call with a new employee on a different continent. It’s all the same, you are commuting, remotely.

Secure Mail Management with a Virtual Address

Remember the days when business owners waited for the mail delivery, hoping today you’d receive those customer cheques, checking to see if the mail had arrived yet? And then when you started ordering products online and you watched the front yard for the delivery van, because if you weren’t there some porch pirate might just take your new monitor. Once you subscribe to one of our respected virtual addresses, all that wonder and worry will be gone. Solved.

Our virtual address services include secure mail and package management. The service team will always be there to accept deliveries. And your virtual address service team will also notify you for free when there are deliveries. No more uncertainty.

For a small charge your correspondence can also be opened, scanned and emailed to you, wherever you are in the world. How convenient is that! Knowing your mail will be securely received, and seeing the correspondence as soon as it arrives at your Edgecliff or West End or St Kilda virtual office address. So it doesn’t matter if you are catching up with friends in Hoi An or attending a conference in Chiang Mai – you’ve just read your hard copy mail and you’ve asked the service team to hold that package from Munich until you return.

It’s just so nice to know that you’ve covered off this aspect of your business world and to know that every day your virtual address is working for you.

Scale up – Register a Network of Virtual Addresses

When your business strategy necessitates speed to take advantage of a gap in the market. When you need to set up a national network presence asap and start your marketing yesterday – will you go virtual or traditional?

Do you want the network of business addresses set up in a day or can you afford to wait a few months and spend 100X more?

You could have a virtual address Melbourne and a virtual address Brisbane for a very small outlay of cash. Take your business national without breaking the bank!

We have over 50 locations across Australia, ranging from prestigious high floor CBD addresses in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Hobart and Canberra or well-respected virtual business addresses located in city suburbs and regional towns. The choice is yours, the locations are ours. Use us.

As your business gains momentum, scaling up like this becomes a busy, it can even be fun. And expanding and building a business image in new markets without carrying the heavy baggage of multiple monthly office lease payments makes life a breeze. With a virtual address, you can establish a presence in new cities or countries without that former conventional need for physical office spaces. This incredible versatility offers so many options because you can check things out in a new market and review the opportunities without stress. Make sure your virtual office address is equipped with meeting facilities and that can be your hub in the new city – just pay for what you need when you need it.

Need to expand your Australian business network? Talk to us today.

A Virtual Address or a Virtual Office – What’s the Difference?

Some Virtual address providers only offer a mailing address, and they may not even notify you when deliveries come in. Forget that service. You’re serving them.

Choose a virtual address service that also offers full mail and package management. Also make sure you choose a service that has meeting and working facilities like co-working spaces, meeting rooms, maybe a boardroom – an office facility that’s geared for virtual businesses like yours. These are also known as virtual offices. In fact the name virtual offices and virtual office spaces is slowly taking over from the term virtual address. That’s natural, doesn’t business vocabulary change frequently these days and say thanks that it does, or we’d still be left with the information super highway!

So take your time. Talk to us. Know what you need and stay open to services you didn’t know existed. Have you heard about our local Virtual Receptionists?

Business structures are evolving, it’s important that business owners note these changes, review the options and seize the opportunities. What are the benefits of a virtual address? I’ve told you about seven obvious advantages. You’ll probably think of some more.

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