Because Virtual Offices Are The Digital Future

Global connectivity. Digitisation. Cloud-Computing. Virtual Workplaces. These are all new terms that every business owner has heard, but few have understood. Now is the time to understand that embracing these changes means business success. Standing still and expecting this flood of transformation to subside and revert back to the conventions of the past is senseless. The conventional business model of a leased office space, a foyer with logos and art work, an office receptionist and rows of employees sitting at desks on the main office floor is dead. Kaput. The old tradition of every employee arriving and leaving at the same time is over. Finished. A virtual office is a perfect example of how technology has disrupted the chore of the daily commute, replaced the staid office model of the past, and opened a new door to a future of incredible opportunity. All over the planet smart entrepreneurs and wise business owners are leveraging virtual office packages to reduce costs and expand into new markets. Now is the time to move fast and stop. Stop wasting money. Stop wasting time.

Because Virtual Offices Save Money

Have you ever taken the time to calculate all the obvious and hidden costs of the standard leased business office space? Let’s start with the big outgoings. The monthly leasing rental – that fixed charge that always has to be met, regardless of revenue or illness or sudden societal change (Covid19). Then we have to include the furniture and fittings and equipment – whether you lease it or you own it outright, all the staff desks and chairs, the meeting room furnishings, the salary of the office receptionist and the receptionist desk, the printers and copiers, the lighting, the bins etc. And unless the offices were newly refurbished when you signed the lease, there are the outgoings for a paintjob, carpeting, some pictures to put on the walls- all the pieces of the puzzle that adds up to a decent office ambience that you hope your staff will appreciate – because no-one wants to work in a dump. Then there are the other expenses, electricity, water, internet, cleaning, security, the consumables for the kitchen space and bathrooms and there is always, always, another cost lurking. But what’s it all for? Where’s the value in paying for all this and only getting value for 8 hrs out of 24hrs, 5 days a week? When the lights are out and there is no productivity – you’ll still be throwing away your cash. With a virtual office space, there's no need to carry all these expenses. There is no need to spend money on things your business only uses sometimes. Virtual offices in Sydney or Melbourne or any of our other Australian capital city locations can provide your business with a highly respected high floor business address and mail and package collection and forwarding facilities. Our CBD Virtual offices also give you the advantage of utilising sublime, spacious and fully furnished meeting rooms, conference rooms, co-working spaces and private office suites at your Virtual office address. So you save money. Big money. Your business can access all the meeting and networking amenities you require – just book and only pay for what you use, when you use it. Forget the expense of spending $$$ cash for your own boardroom, pay for an even more comfortable and stylish fit for purpose boardroom space- and only pay for it when you use it!

Another virtual business service that links so well with virtual offices is virtual receptionists. Our virtual reception solution consists of highly trained Australian receptionists working remotely , answering call on behalf of your business. And unlike in-house receptionists who are paid a salary regardless if the phone isn’t ringing – our call answering services are based on call plans – simply estimate the number of calls you expect to receive to your business and subscribe to a monthly plan – how does less than $300 per month for 100 calls sound?

Because Virtual Office Addresses Present the Perfect Image

Perception is everything in the business world. Our virtual offices provide business owners just like you with a prestigious business address in a prime location. Use your virtual office address on your business cards, websites, all your marketing materials, and leverage the impression of an established and professional company. With a virtual office you can have a virtual business address exactly where your customers expect you to be - now thanks to virtual office solutions, you can afford an impressive business address.

Because Virtual Offices Increase Business Performance

With a virtual office, you don’t have to make the daily commute and sit at a desk in one location all day. That’s the past. Your staff also won’t waste their time travelling back and forth to an office space each day - just to perform tasks they can manage just as well from home. You’ll have much more time to get on with the important priorities, because you and your people aren’t, “ On their way to work”. This flexibility to be able to work from almost anywhere means that some of your team will still be able to work on strategic projects when you are fast asleep. The healthy work/life balance that a virtual office offers means that you and your employees won’t be tired just from commuting. There is a lot more productivity when people feel they have some control over their lives. There is more commitment with the remote worker when compared to the “office worker” and their constrained routine. And you’ll find as a business owner that your business vision will be so much wider and deeper – because technology has allowed your enterprise the flexibility to grow, free of the limitations of the analogue past.

Because a Virtual Office Accesses a Greater Pool of Talent

You should get a virtual office and run your business remotely because In our globally connected world your enterprise will be able to recruit from a vastly greater pool of potential employees. This greater access to diverse talents and expertise will provide your business with a point of difference to competitors who rely on recruiting staff within the physical vicinity.

Because Your Virtual Office Ensures Business Continuity

Covid 19 taught every business leader the vital importance of:

  • Servicing agility
  • Alternatives for key dependencies
  • Resourcing to face unknown events

Unfortunately, the business models that many companies had adopted over the years left them ill-equipped to cope with the numerous challenges of the pandemic. Staff couldn’t come to work, services couldn’t be performed, projects that were highly reliant on conventional routines came to a halt, and once loyal customers migrated to agile businesses that had robust business continuity. With virtual office addresses, even if the physical office building becomes inaccessible, that doesn’t mean your company suddenly ceases to operate. And if one employee working from home has to re-schedule their key task for later in the day, that doesn’t mean there will be any impact to business processes, because the remote teams have adjusted and the task will still be completed. Whatever the challenges, virtual workplaces are infinitely more capable to cope with sudden change than the conventional office environment of all employees residing in one place, at much the same time. Cloud-based data storage and collaboration tools further allow this agility to react to circumstances. With a virtual office you’re equipped with the capabilities to cope with change.

Because your Virtual Workplace is Scalable. Set for Growth.

For businesses with strategies to grow and expand, a virtual office offers a super-fast, effective and extremely economical solution to securing footprints in new markets and recruiting new remote workers. By securing virtual office addresses in different locations, businesses can create an immediate local presence without the need for extensive investments or frustrating delays searching for the right office lease. Because virtual workplaces aren’t limited by physical space, ramping up recruitment and on-boarding new employees is a fast and economical process. There is no need to try to fit for people into finite workspaces or spend company funds on leasing more space – and the consequent overheads. Businesses can quickly scale up or down based on market demands without the complexities of relocating or setting up new physical offices. This agility allows companies to respond promptly to changing market dynamics and customer needs. Scale up or scale down. You’ve got the freedom with virtual offices.

Because a Virtual Office Address is Convenient

We can arrange your virtual office address same day, usually same hour. Compare that speed and convenience with the standard time-line for securing a suitable office space lease. There is no comparison. With a virtual office address you will also be able to afford to situate your business address at exactly the site you want – because now you can afford it. You won’t have to reconcile yourself with a make-do location that’s not really what you want – but it’s all you can afford. With our rented virtual office listings, your enterprise can choose from more than 70 locations Australia wide, from simple mail box servicing to prestigious high floor addresses in iconic CBD office towers. The other ultimate convenience is time. Virtual offices liberate you from the time-limits of the physical office lease environment. You won’t have to sign any 5 year contract with clauses that go on and on and on. There are no penalties with virtual offices. The whole idea of virtual business services is to free you from limitations. 3 months is doable. 6 months is fine. 12 is even better. But you’ll probably use the virtual business address like most of our customers, for three years and more.

Because a Virtual Office Protects Your Privacy

Why should I get a Virtual Office? The answer is in one word. Protection. Virtual Offices protect you and your family’s privacy. If you manage your business from home, it’s very unwise to register your home address as your business address. If you register your home as your place of business with ASIC your home address will be visible on the public register. That’s an unnecessary risk than can leave you open to harassment or identity theft. A Virtual Office address is like a wall, shielding the details of your home life from prying eyes. No matter where you are in the world, this virtual business address represents you to the commercial environment - It’s a constant shield. A highly economical professional image, shielding your identity. Your virtual office also protects the privacy of your mail and package deliveries. Imagine working from home and relying on your home mailbox for important correspondence. With a respected virtual office address you can access our mail opening, scanning and email services - so your securely received mail can be read by you just as soon as you receive it. There is no need to keep checking a mailbox – we will notify you for free when there are deliveries. So your home address is protected and your deliveries are protected because they are not open to strangers accessing the mailbox or porch pirates stealing packages. Also don’t forget that we protect the integrity of our virtual office packages by ensuring proper identity verification for all our prospective customers. Your choice of a virtual office solution with VA is a safe, respected and secure business strategy. We have more than 10 years industry experience in satisfying Australian businesses just like yours. So the question is really not “Why should I get a virtual office address? ”. Perhaps it’s better to ask yourself - why you didn’t realise the benefits of a virtual office business before?

Why settle for just one virtual address for your business! You could get a virtual address Melbourne plus a virtual address Brisbane for very little money. You can even potentially take your business national if you want!

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