Virtual Offices Make Sense For Lots Of Businesses

Virtual Office Spaces have boomed across the planet .You can find virtual office space rentals in most major cities on earth. Business leaders from Amsterdam to Zagreb and everywhere in between are establishing and operating their businesses using the virtual office space model. But don’t be confused. A virtual office space is just another term for a virtual office. Virtual offices are simply a new way to get all the benefits of a traditional office – without the cost and without the stress.

Why are Virtual Offices Popular?

The conventional office set-up with a physical office space that staff commute to every day just doesn’t suit a lot of business owners anymore. Those costly overheads of monthly rent, cleaning, security, office fit-out and furnishings never go away. Utilities like power and office phones and internet are always billing. The office equipment like scanners and printers, the kitchen and bathroom consumables, the in-house receptionist, they all have to be paid for, but when revenue for the month is below budget, covering costs in the conventional office can be a nightmare.

When Covid19 hit, all the overheads of a conventional office were just wasted cash when staff couldn’t or wouldn’t commute to work. It was a real eye-opener for lots of business owners and entrepreneurs - why spend money on inflexible operations when the crucial business need is flexibility.

As the world becomes more globally connected and instant communication becomes almost seamless, this alternative of virtual office space and remote working and virtual business services is popular because it offers so many benefits.

Given the option to secure a prestigious business address in an iconic office tower for less than $1,000 per annum OR spend more than $10,000 per month to secure the same address (and office space for 8 people) which alternative would you choose?

Do you think many astute entrepreneurs would choose to commute every day just to secure the image of a great business address, if they had a cost-effective alternative that provided exactly the same great business address? I think we both know the answer.

Work from home (or anywhere) with a team of remote workers. Use a prestigious virtual office space for your business mail and packages and marketing. Save $$$

Sydney Virtual Office Space. Who Needs it?

Sydney, with one of the most dynamic economies of the Asia Pacific is also one of the most expensive cities to lease office space. The Harbour city is regularly amongst the top five most expensive cities in the Asia Pacific for office space. We can attribute most of the popularity of virtual office space in Sydney directly to this reality. Sydney sits within the ranking company of Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo, and surprise, surprise, virtual office space rentals are also a popular option for smart businesses in those cities.

For startups and growing small businesses in Sydney, the cost of leasing traditional office space in prime locations can be exorbitant. Virtual office Sydney spaces deliver a way to secure immediate respect for new businesses without burning the cash they’ve put aside for funding the new venture. Start-ups need virtual office space. The secure mail and package handling and notification, local virtual receptionist call answering services and the availability of stylish meeting rooms to book when you need meetings all adds up to a suite of business services just perfect for a new business cautious with their budget. You get what you need without the stress of bills, bills, bills.

Small businesses in Sydney need virtual office space to grow. Once they’ve secured the local Sydney market, expanding with a virtual office in Brisbane or a Melbourne virtual office space is a really smart solution to quickly getting a market presence. Virtual office spaces allow businesses to establish their brand across various regions super-fast - without the costly time-wasting hassle of setting up physical offices. Promote your business name locally - at a respected virtual office address in every city across Australia, virtually. Easy.

Melbourne Virtual Office Space. Who Needs It?

The trend towards remote work, WFH, is especially strong in Sydney and Melbourne. Many businesses recognise the benefits of saving on office lease expenses with virtual offices, and their employees want to retain some of that work/life balance that we all experienced during Covid.

If you’re a business owner in Melbourne, a virtual office space in St Kilda or Fitzroy or even a prestigious virtual office space in Collins Street in the centre of the city places your business where your customers expect you to be - at a very low cost and almost instantly.

Melbourne’s creative agencies and design studios need flexible working arrangements because they employ humans, creative humans. Virtual office Melbourne spaces provide that platform for working remotely by providing co-working and meeting facilities at their virtual office address – simply book what you need when you need it.

Virtual office spaces in Melbourne also have the flexibility that contemporary creatives and design consultants need. It could be that a special design project takes six months and for that time the project will need a business address for legal registration and their hard copy mail and they also need some co-working space for the WFH teams when they regularly meet. Solution - get a Melbourne Virtual office for six months. That’s a big reason why Victorian businesses need virtual office spaces – because of the absolute flexibility. Get a cool inner city Melbourne virtual office same day. No problem. Subscribe to the Carlton Virtual office for just six months. Done.

Melbourne’s thriving technology hubs and all those ambitious fintech disrupter start-ups also rely on keeping expenses low and flexibility high. Virtual office spaces support these pioneers of Melbourne business by offering low-cost access to co-working spaces and meeting rooms at the virtual office address – this is also a great networking opportunity for like-minded locals to meet.

Virtual Office Space in Australia. Who Needs It?

So basically – any business that operates on a tight budget should subscribe to a virtual office space, even just to get some breathing room from expenses. Its also the solution for any ambitious company that wants a highly regarded business address at a prime location but simply can’t afford it. And having the image of a highly respected business address just might be the impetus that secures some great sales leads that turn into gold. You’ll never see that money if your business address is in the wrong part of town and not where your customers expect you to be.

A virtual office space is also the best solution if your business wants to swiftly set up a business presence in other markets but you don’t want the burden of leasing expenses and you can’t afford the delay of searching for suitable office accommodation. Just consider how long it would take to set up a network of Australian virtual offices in seven capital cities compared to building a network of leased office spaces in the same cities. That’s 1 day versus 100 at the minimum. That’s precious time. Now compare the cost. It will be around $7,000 per annum for your virtual office space network. That’s not 100 times cheaper than 7 conventionally leased office spaces, but it’s a considerable $$$$$ difference, especially if you want highly respected business addresses that will impress prospective customers.

Virtual Workplaces Need Virtual Office Space.

In the current era of remote work enabled by global connectivity, lots of businesses work in a virtual workplace. One of the big reasons for virtual workplaces is that they allow companies to tap into a much wider pool of talent. Instead of just recruiting employees that live locally and can commute to the location, Australian virtual workplaces employ staff working from different regions and states and even from other counties.

The virtual office for a virtual workforce is not just the the registered business address for the company, it’s usually also the virtual office address that remote workers will visit from time to time for training, business presentations and team development, because even though remote workers communicate constantly, it’s very wise to get remote workers to personally meet each other ,if possible, every few months or so. Regular face to face interaction helps to enhance the professionalism. Just ensure you book at virtual office space with meeting rooms and amenities.

Professional and trust

While e-commerce and online businesses primarily operate in the digital realm, having a physical address remains important for establishing trust with customers. A virtual office space in Perth or Brisbane or Adelaide can also serve as a local address for local businesses that are managed remotely by a WFH business owner. And that’s one more person who needs a virtual office space – the business owner who works from home and wants to protect their privacy. They wisely use a virtual office address to present the right image and protect their privacy.

International Companies Need Virtual Offices.

Opening a branch office in a foreign country on a different continent and expanding into new markets usually requires significant investments in terms of time, money, and human resources. From the very first day in Australia, visiting global corporations can leverage the virtual office space solution to build a presence in Sydney and Melbourne and the other main cities of Australia almost immediately.

A virtual office space allows companies to establish this presence quickly, without much cost, a base to ‘test the waters’ before committing to any full-scale operation – a way to learn and experience the new market without burning money from the get-go. This approach minimises costs and still enhances the profile of the company- if the international player subscribes to one of the highly prestigious virtual office spaces in Sydney or Melbourne’s CBD. Utilising the prestige virtual offices option, a top multi-national’s M&A team and project stakeholders can still meet in absolute stylish ambience with high floor city views with every amenity they require at their beckoning.

Businesses Needing Flexibility Need Virtual Office Spaces.

Virtual office spaces are a great strategy for every business that needs flexibility. Businesses engaged in temporary projects or pop-up ventures, such as event management companies or seasonal retail operations, really benefit from the flexibility offered by virtual office spaces. These spaces provide a professional business address during the project's duration, eliminating the need for long-term leasing commitments that lock-in business funds - truly that old conventional office leasing model was never on the side of the tenant.

The Final Word on Virtual Office Spaces

  • Cost-effective - subscribe to a sublime Collins Square Melbourne virtual office space for less than $1,000 per annum. Check out other great locations across Australia!
  • Flexible – short term subscriptions never a problem.
  • Fast - ‘tenancy’ available same day.
  • Legal - Totally legal to use your virtual office address to register with ASIC, and every customer must pass our ID verification protocols.
  • Convenient - Just hold all your meetings at your virtual office address or pop in to check your email at the co-working space.
  • Simple Pricing - One simple price for subscription. If you want to use meeting rooms or boardrooms or co-working spaces at your virtual office space, you’ll only pay for what you use. A 4 hour meeting in a fully furnished boardroom with complimentary refreshments and high floor views? Done.

So Who Needs a Virtual Office Space?

All Sorts of Businesses, Just Like Yours.

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