Virtual business services are becoming increasingly popular. The world of work has been changing for a while, a trend that has been accelerated due to recent world events of the Coronavirus pandemic. People want to work differently and companies are starting to see the benefits of non-traditional working patterns.

More and more businesses are opting for virtual office addresses to meet a range of needs both business and financial. We’ll look at who uses virtual addresses, what the benefits are and how they can help your business expand nationally.

What is a virtual address?

A virtual address or office service allows businesses to have an official postal address, often in a prestigious location, without actually leasing any space. They can use this address on their official documents and marketing materials.

The service is extremely cost-effective, costing businesses only the fraction of the price that it would cost to rent the actual physical space.

Companies, like Virtual Address, usually offer a range of other business services including mail handling, virtual assistants, call answering and meeting space.

Virtual address locations are almost always in prestigious, or well know areas in order to make the biggest impression on potential clients and partners.

The management companies that run virtual address services usually offer an additional range of services for business too.

Who Uses A Virtual Address And Why?

Freelancers & Small Businesses

Many freelancers work from home or are constantly on the move between clients. In many sectors, it doesn’t make sound financial sense to have a separate office. After all, one of the great things about working for yourself is not having that commute back and forth every day.

A virtual address lets you have that prestigious address without the cost or commute, adding the appearance of legitimacy to your business. Though it’s becoming a more outdated point of view, some companies view having an office as more professional. But hey, even Jeff Bezos started Amazon from his garage, so what do these people know.

Finally, a virtual address offers a layer of privacy for those who work from their own homes. You don’t want your private address listed online or other documentation for the world to see. Not only will it protect your private details from a privacy perspective, but it will also stop the mountains of junk mail that the average business receives every day.


Many start-ups begin life on a laptop on someone’s kitchen table or spare room. Many successful companies have started life this way. They have a great idea, but no money behind them to spend on office space. A startup needs to convince clients to come on board early, and having a virtual address in an impressive location is great for making the company seem more established until they can afford that office space they need (or move to a remote model).

Expanding Companies

Businesses wanting to scale up to have a national presence can’t usually afford to rent office space in major cities throughout the country. It’s just not practical or affordable. By having a virtual address in areas you want to expand your business to, it gives you a foothold in that area from which to base your marketing and sales activity.

Remote Companies

There are a growing number of truly remote companies in the world. Their employees are spread across the country, if not the world. Collaborating across time zones thanks to the wonders of modern technology. However, though their team is dispersed, there needs to be a sense of geographic location in terms of their service offerings. Remote companies can operate out of a number of cities and countries through virtual addresses and hotdesking spaces.

Benefits Of Using A Virtual Address

Make Your Business Look More Professional

An address in an impressive area can give help you maintain your brand image and increase trust from your customers. You can use the address on your business cards, marketing materials and website, no need to put your private address out there. If a particular area is known for its tech or finance companies, then having an address for your tech company there will show that you mean business!

Reduction in start-up costs

Buying or leasing even basic office space comes with a lot of admin, security deposits, rent, decorating and cleaning. The list goes on and on. Not great from a cashflow perspective when you are just setting up. Contract terms are often less flexible if you suddenly need to expand or decrease the amount of space you need.

A virtual address is an easy way to establish a presence in a central CBD location for a fraction of the cost of actually renting the physical space.

Environmentally Friendly

No commute, less cars on the roads and fewer emissions. A virtual office is a great way to decrease the carbon footprint of your business.

Increased Wellbeing & Productivity

A virtual address can let you run your business from home and allow your employees to do the same. Homeworkers enjoy a greater work-life balance and are engaged employees. Engaged employees are more productive, less stressed and experience less stress and ill health. Employee turnover will decrease too, saving you money on recruiting and training new employees.

Utilize Other Virtual Services Too

In addition to virtual office addresses, you can also access a range of other services designed to save you time and money while running your business. These can include a virtual receptionist to answer your calls, mail handling, hot-desking space and meeting rooms for when you need to meet (and impress) clients.

The Terms Are Flexible

Setting up and using a virtual address is very easy. The contract terms don’t lock you into lengthy commitments. In fact, many virtual offices let you set up a rolling monthly contract.

How A Virtual Address Can Help You Expand Nationally

You probably have great plans for your business, and these might be to expand across the country. Opening an office in every location is too expensive. Each office comes with its own long list of costs and admin. Virtual addresses can let you set up a network of virtual offices in key areas.

Expand your business without needing new office space. It is the easiest way to establish a presence in a particular city in a prestigious building, great for impressing those prospects. If you need to meet with clients or partners, you can use the meeting room facilities to really impress them.

Test The Waters In A New City

Trying to establish a national presence for your business requires a lot of effort, and it isn’t always going to be successful. Establishing your presence through a virtual office allows you to commit the minimum amount of resources needed to see if doing business in a new area is viable. If you succeed, great, you can continue to grow, if not, then you have not spent a great deal of money on office space and can cancel your services with minimum fuss.

The Pick Of Top Talent

Allowing your team to work remotely opens up a whole new talent pool for your business when it comes time to recruit. You are no longer forced to rely on those within commuting distance of your office. You can choose from the best and brightest. While remote working is becoming more popular, it is still considered a huge perk among those looking for jobs. It will give you a competitive advantage over your competitors with more traditional working practices.

Be Local, To Everyone

Often, when people are looking for business services, they like to get in contact with companies near them, even if they never meet. By having addresses that cover the country, you’ll be local to everyone.

Improve Your SEO

is often the first port of call for people looking for products and services. By having a registered address in a city, you can claim this on your Google My Business page, meaning that your company information will show up on local searches and maps, great for SEO and lead generation.

Win More Contracts

A lot of business is conducted through formal tendering processes now, especially when you are looking a public sector opportunities. Many of these tenders will ask for details of your personnel and office addresses relative to theirs. While not always a deal-breaker, having the local address can add to your attractiveness as a supplier.

Find The Perfect Address With Virtual Address

If you’re looking to take your company national, Virtual Address have a range of prestigious Grade A CBD office space in locations across Australia. In addition to being able to call these buildings home, we also offer an extensive range of other services including mail handling, virtual assistants, receptionists, national phone numbers and meeting space.

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